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Novel - Summer's Desire Volume 2 Chapter 14 to 15

Chapter 14

“Please reconsider…”

Xia Mo stands in front of Ou Chen’s desk, steadily staring back at him. After standing in the lobby for over three hours, the secretary finally allowed her to come into his office. She hasn’t seen him since taking him to the hospital that night.

“If my memory serves me correctly, I already declined. And regarding your contract with ‘Golden Dance,’ the company has the complete right to sue you for financial compensation and we can completely stop your public appearances. I hope you’ll think about it for a few more days so that at least both parties can maintain positive relations with each other. You may leave now.”

“Please… No matter what the condition, I’ll agree to it, just as long as you donate a kidney to Xiao Cheng…”
“No matter what condition… Do you think you have something that is worth me giving up my kidney?”

Xia Mo freezes.

“You mean – you think that even after you the way you so cruelly treated me, I would still have feelings for you? That I would agree to anything you ask just to have you? Yin Xia Mo, I think you overestimate yourself.”

Xia Mo steadily tries to calm herself. She is the one who is asking a favor of him. Even if Ou Chen decides to not donate his kidney to Xiao Cheng, she has no right to force him. All she can hope for, is that he still harbors a drop of their former feelings for one another…

Is this fate’s way of playing with her? Just a few days ago, she had hoped that Ou Chen would be able to forget her… And now, she begs that he still has some feeling left for her…

“Tell me your condition. No matter how much money, no matter what contract you want me to sign… I can sign a lifetime contract with the company, even… take on ‘Golden Dance’…”
“It has always been Yin Cheng who was the most important to you. Never was it me nor Luo Xi. For Yin Cheng, you would even take on the series to directly compete with Luo Xi?”
“Luo Xi won’t mind.”
“He wouldn’t?”

Ou Chen walks closer to Xia Mo to measure her carefully; she stands unblinking and unfazed. However, a desperate energy burns in her eyes – only five years ago has he ever seen such an expression on her face. The only difference is that he was the one begging her. And now, she is the one begging him.

“Then what if I want something that Luo Xi would mind?”
“Like what?”
“For example…”

Chucklingly softly, Ou Chen gently grasps Xia Mo’s chin as he leans ever closer to her, the distance between his lips and hers slowly decreasing… Xia Mo stares back at Ou Chen as his head descends but right before he can kiss her, she turns her head away at the last minute!

“If you can’t even do this, then why even bother discussing conditions with me?” Ou Chen pulls out a handkerchief to wipe his lips, as if even that mere physical closeness with her had been a dirty experience. “Just leave.”

“A kiss will do it?”

It’s not that she didn’t hear the flippancy in his tone but at this moment, she no longer cares. She just wants that kidney! She just wants the kidney that will save Xiao Cheng’s life! Closing her eyes in haste and raising herself on her tiptoes, she leans in towards Ou Chen -

Staring at that perfect ivory face, Ou Chen feels his heart begin to speed up nervously… those lips – are coming closer and closer to his own… So close… and she will be able to kiss him!

Until the moment is suddenly broken by the ringing of Xia Mo’s phone, stopping her in her tracks.

Since today was the first day she had left the hospital, she had made sure to turn her phone back on in case Xiao Cheng’s illness had any development. Worried that it may be the hospital looking for her, Xia Mo fumbles for the phone – and freezes when she sees the name “Luo Xi” on the screen.

Ou Chen also sees the name. “Aren’t you going to pick it up?”

Xia Mo doesn’t know what to do… she’s so close to getting what she wants! She can’t upset him now…

The phone stops ringing. But just when Xia Mo is ready to breathe a sigh of relief, Luo Xi’s name flashes again! This time, Xia Mo hesitates a few seconds before determinedly pushes the power button on her cell.

“Even if I kiss you, you still won’t donate your kidney, will you?”

Although Ou Chen is flippant with his answer as he turns away from Xia Mo, his heart is clenched in pain. Who knows whether it is from seeing Luo Xi’s name or whether it is because he has been deprived of Xia Mo’s kiss.

“What do I have to do to get you to agree?!”
“What if I said, nothing you could do would get me to agree?”
“I don’t believe you.”
“Oh really? That confident, huh?”
“If your records had been in the hospital files earlier, then we wouldn’t have just now been able to find you. You must have received word about Xiao Cheng’s illness and then decided to test yourself to see if you were a suitable donor, correct? So that when the hospital notified you that you were the best match, you waited for me to come find you. If so, then why don’t you just tell me what you want in exchange for that kidney? I know you don’t care about money but what about something else? As long as I can do it, I will promise you!”
“So smart. But what are you going to promise me? Sex? Moving in with me? Be my lover? Is that what you think I’ll ask you?”

Yes – that is exactly what she had thought he would ask her.

“Will you still agree?” Xia Mo cannot respond immediately. “If you can’t, then why the big talk?”
“It’s sex, isn’t it? We’ll have it a few times, and then you’ll donate your kidney to Xiao Cheng?”

Flinching suddenly, Ou Chen angrily brushes a crystal off his desk, shattering it to pieces on the ground. He cannot even speak as he stares back at Xia Mo as if she is some strange creature.

“It’s only fair, there is no such thing as a free lunch. My reputation is important but your kidney is also important. I can’t just take something away without giving something in return.”

However, why has her heart suddenly numbed? It is hopelessness. If she does this, does this mean that she will have to forsake something or someone in the future? But without Xiao Cheng, what meaning of life is there left?

The fluttering of crazed emotions in Ou Chen’s eyes is hard to discern – even he does not know whether it it bitterness or pain. “What a self-sacrificing big sister… Except, you guessed wrong. The reason I’ve been waiting for you is to tell you – that no matter what, I will not donate my kidney to Yin Cheng. I just wanted you to come here so that I could say it to you. Because you see… I despise you.”

That night five years ago, Ou Chen knelt before Xia Mo, humbling himself to her in a way that he has never humbled himself to anyone before.

“Will this… do? If it was my fault… I promise you that I’ll change… What can I do so that you’ll forgive me?!”

There is no forgiveness in Xia Mo’s eyes as she turns around from the kneeling Ou Chen though.

“Only… if you die…”

“Do you still remember how heartless and cruel you were to me five years ago?! I begged you! And yet you didn’t even deign to turn around to look back at me.”
“So are you getting your revenge now?”
“If that’s what you want to call it, then yes, I am.”
“If you want revenge, then just take it out on me! Xiao Cheng has nothing to do with it!”
“Is there a difference? This way, you’ll hurt too.”

The pain in her heart is unbearable! Xia Mo sees her mom lying like a bloodied, broken doll on the next to the stage floor… Daddy Yin and Mommy Yin’s bloodied corpses… a bloodied Xiao Cheng being wheeled into the emergency room… the white, pasty walls of the cold hospital building… the scrambling doctors and nurses… telling her to prepare herself for the worse… and now the impending deadline that she cannot escape… if she can’t get that kidney…

“Then tell me… what can I do so you’ll agree?”
“Nothing you can ever do will make me agree.”

Nothing will ever do… nothing will ever do…

And so Xia Mo tightly closes her eyes… and slowly kneels before Ou Chen. If anything, this gesture only serves to make Ou Chen angrier.

“Do you think that will work?! Do you think just kneeling will make me forgive you?! Do you think kneeling will erase all the pain?!”
“Everything I owe you, I will give back to you. Perhaps… if I die, you will finally be satisfied? This will be your condition?”

Is she… threatening him?! Why is it that five years ago when he knelt before her, the one in pain was him. And now five years later, although she is the one kneeling before him, he still continues to be the one in heartache.

Seeing the green silk scarf fluttering in his sight, Ou Chen’s expression slowly calms. Turning away from Xia Mo and facing the window so that she cannot see the surrender in his eyes, he finally states his decision that he had made long before she appeared before him.

“Marry me. Marry me, and I will give my kidney to Xiao Cheng.”


Xia Mo wanders aimlessly on the street, surrounded by the noise and bustle of children running and playing. She just wants to be surrounded by people so that she doesn’t have to think about anything at all, just numbly follow fate’s hand.

Does she accept fate or does she not? Laughing crazily to herself, Xia Mo had originally thought that she would be able to agree to any condition that Ou Chen said – just as long as she could get that kidney for Xiao Cheng. And yet, when he had finally stated his condition… she had hesitated.

Even for Xiao Cheng, she had hesitated…

When Xia Mo reaches her home, she finds herself facing a mob of reporters. Instantly surrounded, they clamor to get a word in, firing question after question at her. Xia Mo ends up running through the crowd to get through the building, only able to make it inside when the building security rush out to stop the eager reporters.

Was it worth it to enter the entertainment industry? She had done it for Xiao Cheng, to be able to pay his medical bills but yet every day has been so busy that her time spent with Xiao Cheng has been less and less. She hadn’t even noticed until now how bad Xiao Cheng’s illness had progressed. And now she has enough money and yet that is not what Xiao Cheng needs in order to get better…

Marry me, and I will give my kidney to Xiao Cheng.

And yet she had not agreed. Xia Mo is filled with shame; she is an awful sister. She has the way to save Xiao Cheng right in front of her eyes and yet she hesitated. Xiao Cheng’s life is more important than her own life and yet she hesitated. Was it because… of him…

As Xia Mo exits the elevator to come to her apartment, she is frozen solid to see him sitting at her front door, as if he had been waiting for her to return for some time now. Luo Xi slowly unfurls himself from his position, smiling lightly.

“Why so surprised? You don’t want to see me?”
“No. Come in.”

As they enter the apartment, Luo Xi finds himself accosted by the black cat, Milk, and after a brief tussle that results in Luo Xi getting nipped by him, Xia Mo gently takes the cat back. Watching her softly handle the cat, Luo Xi finds himself calming down peacefully. Originally he had wanted to cross-examine her with questions but perhaps she does have her own reasons. Perhaps she did misunderstand…

“Where you’ve been these past few days?”
“….” Xia Mo hesitates, not even knowing how to answer him back.
“Why is your cell always turned off?”
“Why haven’t you answered any of my calls?”
“Are you mad at me?”
“You’re mad so you haven’t contacted me, haven’t come back home, and haven’t answered my calls? Unless, you’re not mad…”
“Are you referring to the gossip about you and Shen Qiang?”

Luo Xi stares at Xia Mo in shock, his heart frozen in ice. She hasn’t been worried, she hasn’t been sad – just calm and assured, as if nothing has happened at all! So she really doesn’t care and he really doesn’t matter at all to her!

“Have you seen the picture?”
“Luo Xi…”
“It’s true. Shen Qiang and I really did kiss.”
“Luo Xi…”

She can’t handle it anymore; her head’s about to explode! She’s known all along that the picture was real and not Photoshopped; she just didn’t want to think about it and chose to believe in Luo Xi instead. However, why is he choosing her most exhausted time to tell her all of this…

“I don’t want to hear it… I’m really tired… These past few days…”
“Does it really not matter to you?! You really don’t care at all?! What am I to you?! Is it because you’re so full of yourself that you don’t think I could like anyone else besides you? Is it because I really don’t matter to you that you don’t even care?!”
“Is it wrong that I’m choosing to believe you?”
“Is it because you believe me? So you don’t call me, you don’t come back home, you turn off your cell. I finally am able to reach you and then you turn your phone off. This is because you trust me or is it because you really just don’t care?”
“I… I was busy at the moment and so couldn’t answer your call…”
“What were you doing? Let’s hear it.”
“Luo Xi…”
“Can’t tell me? You wouldn’t have been with Ou Chen, would you? And so it wasn’t convenient to answer my call.”
Xia Mo’s face instantly pales. Luo Xi humorlessly smiles. “Ah, so you were with him.”
“It wasn’t like that!”
“Then what? The one you like is Ou Chen. It’s always been Ou Chen, right? So you don’t care… Perhaps you were glad to see the gossip about me and Shen Qiang, so you won’t even have to come up with any excuses and could just break up with me. Even better that I disappear forever from your sight, right?”

Xia Mo doesn’t understand what is happening. He is the one who is wrong here g and yet she is the one being blamed. This is his scandal, he was the one caught kissing another woman and when she chose to believe him instead, she is the one in the wrong…

“Luo Xi! Xiao Cheng… is really sick. I’ve been at the hospital with him these past few days so I haven’t been able to mind the gossip. And since you came here, doesn’t this prove that there is nothing true to it? Then why shouldn’t I believe you as opposed to believing the gossip?”

Luo Xi is stunned, now realizing how quiet and dark the place is, a fine layer of dust coating the furniture.

“How is Xiao Cheng doing?”
“He’ll be fine.”
“Why didn’t you tell me? Such a big thing happens and yet you just now tell me?”
“… I can handle it on my own.”

She knows that filming for “Tian Xia Sheng Shi” is critical right now. Additionally, he was dealing with all that gossip… is there… really nothing between him and Shen Qiang…

“And yet you went to find Ou Chen. When I called you this afternoon, you were at his side, weren’t you? Answer me.”
“I had something else to discuss with him.” How could she tell him that she has to marry Ou Chen in order to get that needed kidney?
“… you don’t need to know…”
“Oh really…”
“There’s nothing going on between me and Ou Chen…” Xia Mo tightly clutches Luo Xi’s hand. With Xiao Cheng in the hospital, he is her closest relative. She wants to lean on him and let him comfort her, tell her that no matter what, everything will be okay… She doesn’t want to fight with him…

Luo Xi firmly removes her hand. “How can I believe you?”

As Luo Xi sits there on the couch, Milk ambles over and meowing softly, climbs into his lap. In his anger and hurt though, Luo Xi flings him away! Crying in protest, Milk ends up knocking over a box sitting on top of the shelf next to the couch, scattering its contents all over the floor.

Pictures of her and Ou Chen’s past together… These were the pictures that Ou Chen had taken to Xia Mo the night of the awards ceremony…

She kept those pictures… The pictures that she had thrown away that night… she had kept them by her side…

Xia Mo is stunned and moves to start gathering them together. “The reporters would have found them in the trash and then they would have caused a misunderstanding, so I picked them back up…”

Even though it is true, Luo Xi won’t believe it …

Xia Mo stops and looks up at Luo Xi hopelessly.

“And since you already picked them back up, might as well treasure them, right?”
“Luo Xi… the one I like is you.”
“Let’s break up.”

Such simple three words that require no effort at all and yet from Luo Xi’s lips, they come out hoarse.

“Break up?”
“It appears that I’m always being given up. So this time around, let me do it.”
“… but the one I like is you…” He’s mad, he’s just mad and so that’s why he said such hurtful words… she just needs to explain it better to him…
“This time, I don’t believe you anymore. Actually, I really don’t have much right to blame you. I did kiss Shen Qiang and we are getting ready to date each other… Yin Xia Mo, did you really think I couldn’t have anyone but you?”

Chapter 15

Luo Xi and Yin Xi Mo have publicly announced their separation!

It is a bit strange though, as a reporter leaked that Luo Xi had personally said that he and Yin Xi Mo were not breaking up. And yet, just a few days later, Luo Xi announces that he and Yin Xi Mo have officially separated and two no longer have any connection to each other. Something must have happened in the middle to suddenly change Luo Xi’s mind… perhaps the rumors between Yin Xi Mo and Ou Chen are true?

But Luo Xi has refused to expand any further on details, and so reporters had no choice but to give up. Even Shen Qiang has remained silent about their relationship, only smiling softly and looking at Luo Xi encouragingly every time the two publicly appear together. When they were questioned about impending nuptials, Shen Qiang only answers that it’s up to fate. Headlines read the next day –



At the hospital, Zhen En paces back and forth worriedly. What happened? How can they just break up? Luo Xi really likes Xia Mo; how can he be with Shen Qiang so fast already? Xia Mo must be in a lot of pain right now…

Although Xia Mo had remained impassive and calm when Zhen En had questioned her about the breakup, responding that their personalities weren’t really that compatible anymore, Zhen En knows that Xia Mo had been impacted because she has been continuously losing weight since then, her face getting more and more ashen. Whenever Xiao Cheng is not present, Xia Mo has been sinking more heavily into these quiet and moody periods.

But yet… Zhen En cannot help but think it is not completely due to Luo Xi, for when Xia Mo is watching over a sleeping Xiao Cheng, her soul becomes lost in her eyes…

Has Xiao Cheng’s condition worsened?!

Zhen En notices that Xiao Cheng is now sitting up in bed, his pale face a mask of concentration as he dutifully draws away.

“Xiao Cheng… How… are you feeling… I mean… shouldn’t you be resting? You’ve already been drawing for an hour now…”
“I’m not tired. I’m almost done.”
“Are you… drawing me?”

Zhen En blushes as she entertains the possibility of her beloved Xiao Cheng drawing her likeness and peeks over to steal a glance, only to be slightly disappointed when she sees that he is drawing Xia Mo.

But this Xia Mo… she is simply radiant in her smile… so happy and carefree in her smile… Zhen En has never seen such a smile on Xia Mo before.

“So beautiful… But Xiao Cheng, when you will draw me one?”
“If it makes Sister Zhen En happy, then one day I will draw you one too.”
“Ah! Really?!!!! Thank you, Xiao Cheng!!!! Ah… that would be awesome…” Even though Xiao Cheng had added on that annoying “sister” to her name, she cannot contain her excitement and grabs his drawing hand in utter glee. However, she is instantly embarrassed and quickly lets go of Xiao Cheng’s hand, who acts as if nothing unusual had happened. “Sorry.”
Xiao Cheng laughs. “No worries. I can always fix it.” Pause. “Sister Zhen En, do you think it’s okay that Sister goes to the party by herself?“

Zhen En pauses, as even she doesn’t understand why Xia Mo is suddenly so determined to go to the 20th Anniversary party of RBS Studios. Xia Mo had originally declined all invitations on account of taking care of Xiao Cheng but when she received RBS Studios’ invite, she had asked Zhen En who else would be attending. Zhen En had thus told her that a lot of important people would be attending, reporters would be swarming the place, and Luo Xi and Shen Qiang would most definitely be attending. Perhaps Xia Mo should just decline…

However, when Xia Mo specifically asked whether or not Boss Xia [I always feel like I'm referring to a mafia leader whenever I write that... the direct translation means "boss" but it really means "manager" or "president" in this context] would be in attendance, she was adamant that she would also be going to the party.


RBS Studios is the most influential company in the entertainment industry and the full-scale party has been prepped days in advance. Everyone who is anyone in the entertainment world is expected to attend tonight’s party, and the reporters are all poised to get a shot of their favorite star. Clad in designer gowns, flashy jewelry and suave tuxes, no one misses a beat as all the stops have been pulled out for tonight’s event.

Pan Nan and Xia Mo enter the party together and in this fairy tale land, the two are the perfect princesses. Xia Mo instantly scans the room.

“Are you looking for someone? Luo Xi…?”
“… no.”
“Xia Mo, what is going on with you and Luo Xi?”

Xia Mo is racking her brain for a suitable answer when Yao Shu Er comes bumbling over to them in worry.

“Xia Mo, what are you doing here? Luo Xi and Shen Qiang are bound to show up and then you know it’ll get really awkward. No one was able to get a word out from you during the whole scandal business, so why would you choose here to show up? There are so many reporters here and although they won’t bug you because it’s a party, you know they’re going to talk about it tomorrow in the headlines.”
“You know Shu Er is right.”
“I know, but there’s someone here I really need to find. I won’t leave until I find him.”

Shu Er thinks to change Xia Mo’s mind but knows that she isn’t a hasty person. If she has a reason to be here, then she must have some kind of a reason. Deciding to let the subject go, Shu Er changes the topic.

“Do you know that An Hui Ni is here?”

Now there is a name that Xia Mo hasn’t heard in awhile. Since the press conference, An Hui Ni’s contracts and scheduled appearances were all cancelled, and she has essentially disappeared from the public eye. Looking at it now, it seems that the loss An Hui Ni suffered that day was permanent.

“An Hui Ni was trying to get into the party but the bouncer said that she needed an invitation. You know that as a movie star, your face alone is invitation enough but the bouncer actually said that he didn’t recognize her! I don’t know if she ended up getting in or not, but she was really upset about it –”

Yao Shu Er stops mid-sentence as her eyes widen at something. An Hui Ni has entered the party!

As she stalks into the party, she is flanked by the bouncers – it appears that she has forced her way in. However, RBS Studios’ executives decide to just let An Hui Ni be as opposed to possibly ruining the party atmosphere at forcibly removing her.

At the same time, an air of prestige enters the room. A black tuxedo, snow-white dress shirt – and the light green silk scarf tied around his wrist. When the CEO of RBS Studios sees him enter, he instantly flanks to his side, eager to please and greet.

Apparently Ou Hua Corporations is RBS Studios’ biggest investor.

Apparently RBS Studios started out as a company under Ou Hua Corporations.

Apparently this is Ou Hua Corporations’ young master and heir, Ou Chen.

Apparently Luo Xi’s ex-girlfriend, Yin Xia Mo, broke up with him for Ou Chen.

Xia Mo stands to the side as Ou Chen approaches, quickly lowering her eyes to the ground. Ou Chen steadily walks past her – he doesn’t see her at all. As if his line of sight doesn’t even notice her. She also does not directly see him – just the fluttering green silk scarf from his wrist…

She doesn’t know why she didn’t agree to his condition that day. Even knowing that this kidney will save Xiao Cheng, she still didn’t agree, even hoping that she would be able to find another way, another kidney for him… And since learning of Xiao Cheng’s illness, she has been trying to contact that person and yet has been unsuccessful, only coming to this party on a small sliver of hope that she will be able to find him.

What if he’s not suitable? What if Ou Chen changes his mind completely? Then she will have no more options left…

“Long time no see.”

An Hui Ni is standing before Xia Mo now, smiling lightly and looking deathly skinny from before. Pan Nan looks at her in distaste.

“I hear you and Luo Xi have broken up. How funny; you two were so romantic at the press conference and in a blink of an eye, you have already separated! You mean… it was just an act that day? You’re really good, that you could convince Luo Xi to play along with you, using such a pathetic excuse to “prove” your innocence!”
“Did you come here today just to see me?”
“I just wanted to hear your explanation, that’s all.”
“Fine. I once thought you were a smart girl but never imagined that you were really so dense. You’ve wasted so much effort on me, and yet it’s only helped me to get better and better. Now look at you and you still haven’t learned. Didn’t you come here tonight so that you could get another chance to reenter the entertainment world? And yet the moment you see me, you forget everything.”
“If you were just a little smarter, you would pray that everyone would slowly forget what happened to you and then make a comeback that will prove to everyone your talent. And yet here you are, wasting your efforts, making it so that no one will ever be able to forget your sordid past.”

An Hui Ni glares back at Xia Mo with hatred burning in her eyes but has no immediate comeback.

“Just leave. Don’t waste any more time on me. You don’t want to let tonight’s opportunity slip away.”

Both Pan Nan and Yao Shu Er breathe a sigh of relief. Although they weren’t afraid of An Hui Ni, they did worry about her causing a scene. However, who would have guessed that as An Hui Ni walks away, her foot ends up caught in her long dress, and the piece of cake she is currently holding ends up smeared all over the front of Xia Mo’s dress!

Everyone is stunned! What an obvious and underhanded stunt! How could RBS Studios let a person like An Hui Ni into the party?!

An Hui Ni uncomprehendingly stares at the sticky mess on Xia Mo and then tries to wipe it away. However, the wiping only serves to make the oily substance spread more. Xia Mo also unsuccessfully tries to wipe away the cake. Given any other time, she would have just called it a night but the person she is looking for still hasn’t shown up – she does not want to just leave without having found him yet. Seeing the look of dismay on An Hui Ni’s face, Xia Mo realizes that it was truly an accident.

“She didn’t do it on purpose…”

Xia Mo’s sentence isn’t even finished before someone claims her wrist in a firm but gentle hold! Looking first down at the green scarf tied around that hand, Xia Mo continues gazing upward to see Ou Chen with a determined expression. He doesn’t look back down at her.

“Let’s get you changed.”

Keeping a firm grip on her wrist, Ou Chen pulls her through the crowd, weaving between the curious onlookers.


Speculations buzz as soon as Ou Chen and Yin Xia Mo exit the room.

The nerve of An Hui Ni…

Yin Xia Mo and Ou Chen do know each other…

Apparently Yin Xia Mo and Luo Xi have broken up…

An Hui Ni can never make a comeback now…

What is the relationship between Yin Xia Mo and Ou Chen…

However, the questions cease at the entrance of another highly popular topic – Luo Xi and Shen Qiang have entered the premises! Looking at the two of them together, standing next to one another, perfectly coordinated in their brilliant formal wear… they really are a perfectly matched couple.

Although this is not the first time that Luo Xi and Shen Qiang have appeared together in public, this is the first time that they have under the the appearance as a couple. Right as everyone was beginning to think that Shen Qiang’s many years of longing for Luo Xi would result in nothing, he and Yin Xia Mo just happen to break up. Although neither Luo Xi nor Shen Qiang have publicly affirmed their relationship, their appearance together at this party is essentially a silent confirmation.

But then, everyone’s attention is now riveted to the staircase! It is Young Master Ou Chen again making his way down — But this time, he is accompanied by a petite woman at his side. Wearing a flowing white dress, so beautiful and yet almost giving a translucent appearance so that she appears as an angel descending down to earth. Every movement is enhanced by the glittering diamonds that sparkle down her dress.

Her neck is adorned with a beautiful, glittering white gold necklace. A brilliant diamond is nestled at her throat. She is the princess of princesses, invoking a desperation to give her the world’s best things just to have one small smile from her.

It is Yin Xia Mo… how very beautiful she is…

And the diamond that is currently lying so snugly against her throat – the entranced audience have already recognized it as England’s most prized treasure, the “Moonlight” Diamond.

The audience is caught between Shen Qiang and Yin Xia Mo! Shen Qiang carries a cool air around her, her queen-like presence making others afraid to stare too long. On the other hand, Yin Xia Mo’s pure beauty makes people never want to stop staring.

Luo Xi stares silently at the two, his eyes darkening and then narrowing in on Xia Mo’s hand that is currently resting on Ou Chen’s arm. Noticing his wavering attention, Shen Qiang laughingly pulls Luo Xi forward to greet a friend, effectively cutting off his line of sight.

Xia Mo also sees Luo Xi. Although she had already mentally prepared herself for the possibility of seeing him here, she is still seized with apprehension and nervousness at physically seeing him together with Shen Qiang.

Stabbing, empty pain…

Ou Chen quietly studies her. Xia Mo realizes that her hand has instinctively gripped the cloth of Ou Chen’s jacket into a tight fist and she forces herself to loosen her fingers.

No… she didn’t come here for Luo Xi… She has far more important things to do…

“The person you are looking for is over there.”

Xia Mo looks up at Ou Chen in surprise and then glances over to the area he had referred to; it is true! In too much of a hurry to wonder how Ou Chen had known that she was here to look for that person, Xia Mo picks up her pace and follows Ou Chen as he guides her to her target.

“President Xia, long time no see.”

Seeing that it is Ou Hua Corporations’ Young Master Ou Chen, the fifty-something year old man ends his conversation and turns to smile pleasantly at Ou Chen. “Yes, long time no see.”
“If you don’t mind, I would like to introduce a friend of mine to you. This is Miss Yin Xia Mo. Xia Mo, this is Xing Dian Company’s CEO, Mr. Xia Ying Bo.”

As President Xia and Xia Mo exchange greetings, a memory flashes through President Xia’s mind. It is the injured girl from that one year, trembling and covered in wounds. Remembering that even then her face had been covered in injuries, and now seeing how flawlessly it has healed. Now she is a famous star. He had seen her face on TV recently but didn’t pay much close attention until now. Well, the past is the past now. Since she is already a movie star, she must not want to drudge up the past again.

“I’m sorry but could I have your contact information?”
“Don’t you think you’re pushing it a little far?”

Xia Mo’s urgent inquiry is cut short by another clear, feminine voice. It is Shen Qiang, guiding Luo Xi besides her. “I know you’re all about bettering yourself but could you at least try to be smarter about it? Your current boss is right next to you and you’re already scoping out your next one?”

Xia Mo is momentarily surprised and then understands Shen Qiang’s meaning. Ignoring Shen Qiang, she turns back to President Xia.

“President Xia, is it possible?”
“It’s not possible.” Shen Qiang snaps.
“I’m sorry, I’m asking President Xia here.”
“And I’m answering for him.”
“Xiao Qiang, let’s be mature here.” President Xia finally intercedes, realizing that Xia Mo must be the person who has been trying to contact him while he was out of the country. He turns back to Xia Mo, who tries to explain why she would like a moment alone with him but Shen Qiang is not having any of it.

“Yin Xia Mo, I’m telling you. I don’t care what business you have, if President Xia contacts you or helps you in any way, then he is forcing me out of his company! Because, it is an insult to be connected to someone like you in any way! Why should I be polite to someone who only steps on others and uses them to get what she wants?!”

Insult… Only knows to use people… Steps on others…

Is this what he told Shen Qiang?! Unable to control herself, Xia Mo looks wildly at Luo Xi –

Who has also been staring at her this entire time, a complex play of emotions running across his face. The instant Luo Xi realizes that her attention is now directed at him though, he smiles softly and places a gentle hand on Shen Qiang’s shoulder.

“I haven’t eaten dinner yet, so I’m a bit hungry. Come with me?”

Giving one final death glare at Xia Mo, Shen Qiang follows Luo Xi, half-dragged, half-hugged by him. Watching the two walk away, Xia Mo feels her heart completely and wholly die.

“President Xia, I heard that the reason you left the country was to undergo treatment?” Ou Chen’s carefully blank gaze finally leaves Xia Mo, as if the previous encounter was a play that had nothing to do with him. Only when Luo Xi leaves, will he finally do what he needs to do.

“That’s right; you get older and your body stops listening to you.”
“Well, the science is definitely far superior now. A kidney infection isn’t something too severe though, so as long as you continue to take care of it properly…”
“Kidney infection…? You have a kidney infection?!”

Xia Mo cannot believe her ears as she sees her final hope slipping away from her. She can only agree now… can only agree…

As if from a far, faraway place, she hears a noise ringing at her… Numbly pulling out her cell phone from her purse, Xia Mo sees “Zhen En” on the screen and is instantly filled with panic!

“Xiao Cheng fainted!!!! Hurry back!!! The doctors are trying to save him right now! I’m scared!!! Xia Mo, I’m so scared!! Don’t leave me here by myself!!! Hurry back!!! I’m scared!!”

Xia Mo’s head is spinning, her throat is caught. It’s her, she’s the one who doomed Xiao Cheng… so selfish… she wouldn’t agree and now Xiao Cheng is dead… dead… dead… it’s her… she did it… it’s all her fault…


In the middle of the party-filled room, Yin Xia Mo suddenly lets loose a hoarse cry and then rushes towards the exit. Running faster and faster… faster and faster… like a crazy person she runs out of the building!

A stunned Luo Xi stares at Xia Mo’s departing figure and he instinctively places his fork back down, getting up to chase after her when Shen Qiang stops him, drawing his attention to the now disappearing Ou Chen who had followed Xia Mo out.

Luo Xi stands there, numbed. This feeling of emptiness far surpasses any pain she had ever inflicted on him. Pain, but at least they were still together then. And hollowness now, as he feels his life completely shattering.


When Luo Xi finally dashes out of the building after them, the night is dark – there are no stars, no wind and the rain steadily drips down onto him.

There’s no her… Can’t find her… She’s disappeared…

“Why were you so stupid?”

It’s her…

Is it her…

Luo Xi freezes, his heart beating wildly…

He was wrong! He was wrong! He shouldn’t have asked for so much! He shouldn’t have demanded that she be jealous! He shouldn’t have demanded that he be the only important person in her life… He knows he was wrong now…

Luo Xi blinks as he tries to find her in the darkness, breathing heavily…

As long as she gives him another chance… just one more chance…

He’ll never let her leave again…

The rain continues to fall. It is Pan Nan, holding out an umbrella as she walks towards him.

“Since you still like Xia Mo, then why did you cause all that gossip, pushing her away yourself?”


Xia Mo sits shaking in the car, her hands tightly clutching her phone in a death grip. The rain from her hair drips down steadily onto her face. Zhen En had just called, informing her that Xiao Cheng is no longer in any immediate danger and to not worry, also apologizing profusely for freaking out earlier and overreacting.

Ou Chen steadily wipes the rain away from her face with a towel. She is like a wooden doll, unmoving and sitting still, so numb that she can no longer even feel the pain in her chest… So numb that she cannot feel anything at all.

“Didn’t you once say, that you would give up your own life for Yin Cheng…” Ou Chen continues to gently wipe Xia Mo’s face, his voice hoarse.

“… Marrying me… is it really worse than death?”

Novel - Summer's Desire Volume 2 Chapter 13

Chapter 13
The next day, a shocking picture is published!

Although the picture was obviously taken in secret and mildly blurry, but the two people caught kissing are unmistakable – media’s king and queen, Luo Xi and Shen Qiang! The buzz that this picture has created is unbelievable! Even greater than when Luo Xi backed out of Ou Hua Corporations’ series! Shen Qiang’s adoration for Luo Xi has always been public knowledge and while it was rumored that she was his girlfriend, Luo Xi never once came out in public to affirm this story. However, once he publicly declared his romance with Yin Xia Mo, Shen Qiang obviously faded into the background.

But now this picture…

Perhaps they have gotten back together now?

The reporters all desperately try to contact Luo Xi and Shen Qiang, but their cell phones are answered by their assistants. Yin Xia Mo is also nowhere to be found and she cannot be contacted at all!


“I need you to prepare yourself. Xiao Cheng needs to immediately have surgery done otherwise… given his current condition, it’ll be hard for him to make it past three months.”

Xia Mo has lost all feeling in her body as she stares woodenly back at the doctor. When she brokenly asks the doctor when Xiao Cheng’s condition had started to worsen, she is even more shocked to hear that it had happened last September – Xiao Cheng had known about it all along.

Last September… that was when she had first entered the entertainment industry…

The doctor explains that they had tried multiple times to contact her, but she was rarely at home or unreachable at work. Xiao Cheng had promised them that he would inform her of his condition. However, when it became obvious that Xia Mo was still being kept in the dark about it, Xiao Cheng had begged the doctors to not say anything to her. Otherwise he would give up his treatment and run away from home.

“Okay. Please set the surgery for as soon as possible! And give Xiao Cheng the best possible treatment! Money is not an issue!”
“It’s not the issue of money. There is no suitable match right now. You know that Xiao Cheng has the very rare blood type of RH-B and it is extremely difficult to find such a blood type, let alone matching the right kidney.”

Xia Mo is numbed. It’s true; even five years ago when Xiao Cheng had been in that car accident, it had been next to impossible to find enough blood for him.

“But we’ve already searched the blood type records for the entire country for RH-B and we hope to find a suitable donor for Xiao Cheng. We’re going to receive some test results back this week, so please be patient; we may be able to find some donors…”


When a frantic Zhen En later arrives at the hospital, she finds an ashen Xia Mo standing in the hallway, lost in a daze. Zhen En has never seen such an expression on Xia Mo’s face before. Seeing the worried look on Zhen En’s face though, Xia Mo makes up an excuse about probably coming down with some bug because of the humid weather and the two then enter Xiao Cheng’s room.

Xiao Cheng is lying on the bed when they come in, his face so pale that his eyes appear even bigger and blacker than usual. Xia Mo leans over to place a hand against his forehead and although Xiao Cheng instinctively moves away, she acts as if nothing has happened – his temperature is still the same as last night.

While handing a glass of hot water over for Xiao Cheng to drink, he accidentally spills the liquid onto his own hand and the girls rush to clean up the mess, getting an ice pack to hold over his reddened hand. Zhen En becomes preoccupied with fussing over Xiao Cheng, and Xia Mo notices the bag of fruit that Zhen En has brought with her. Seeing her purse tipping over precariously, Xia Mo moves to righten the bag and then notices the newspaper lying askew on the very top.

Thinking to reorganize the newspaper back into the purse, Xia Mo reaches for it – and freezes at the front picture.

Luo Xi and Shen Qiang are locked in a kiss at a bar, and although the lighting is dimmed, there is no mistaking the two faces so intimately close to each other.

“Don’t look!” Zhen En scrambles to pull the offensive newspaper from Xia Mo’s hands; what with Xiao Cheng’s illness and now Luo Xi’s gossip – Xia Mo cannot handle any more shock! “Don’t pay any attention to such gossip! They’re probably just drunk! Or the picture’s just… the picture’s just Photoshopped!”

“What else does the newspaper say?”
“Give it to me.”

Xia Mo’s face remains blank while scanning the headlines while Zhen En stands worriedly to the side. Xiao Cheng tries to interject on Luo Xi’s behalf but Xia Mo tells him that his health is the most important thing right now; nothing else matters.

For the next few hours, Xia Mo does not say anything at all and remains standing by the window, staring impassively outside. When Zhen En finally leaves, Xia Mo walks with her.

“Zhen En, please cancel my contract with Golden Dance.”
“What?! But… Golden Dance is a dream opportunity! And this series belongs to the Ou Hua Corporations, which you are a representative of! Do you know what could happen if you backed out now?! Your entire career could be ruined!”
“I know.”


The newspaper of Luo Xi and Shen Qiang’s intimate picture lies open on a black business desk.

“What… was her reaction?” Ou Chen hesitatingly asks Xi Meng after staring blankly at the picture for a few seconds.

“Reporters have been unable to get ahold of Miss Yin, the company hasn’t been able to contact her either. She hasn’t appeared in any public venue the past two days, only Zhen En has appeared on her behalf, who’s stated that this has nothing to do with Miss Yin.”
“Has nothing to do with her…”
“Additionally, Zhen En has conveyed to the company that Miss Yin wishes to negate her contract for Golden Dance.”
“It seems that Miss Yin’s younger brother is in the hospital and needs care. She hasn’t left his side once since he’s entered the hospital and has cancelled all her scheduled appearances that Ou Hua Corporations booked for her. RBS Studios and others have already expressed extreme displeasure, and Cai Ni and Zhen En are currently trying to take care of the situation. We could sue Miss Yin for backing out of her contract on Golden Dance though…”
“How bad is Yin Cheng’s illness?”

There is nothing more important to her than this little brother. Since she was little, she has always given the best of everything to Yin Cheng, acting like a mother hen over her hatchling. He was once very jealous of Yin Cheng because Yin Cheng was always the most important in her heart.

She must be very burdened at this time.

“Yin Cheng’s illness has considerably worsened and he will need to undergo kidney surgery immediately, otherwise he is not given more than three months to live.”
“Has a donor been found?”
“Yin Cheng has an extremely rare blood type of RH-B and so they haven’t been able to find a suitable donor yet.”

RH-B blood type…


The filming set for Tian Xia Sheng Shi is completely surrounded by reporters, and they are quick to follow Luo Xi and Shen Qiang everywhere, hoping for an interview or a picture. Even their homes have been set upon by the frenzied mob of paparazzi.

Ever since the intimate photograph was taken, people had thought that Shen Qiang would purposely not appear in any public venues with Luo Xi but the two have continued on as before and still participate in photo shoots together, laughing quietly at a private joke. Reporters speculate whether or not Luo Xi has already decided to publicly announce his romance with Shen Qiang and so has decided to be upfront about it.

When the reporters interview Shen Qiang, she simply says that Luo Xi has been her most admired friend. When they directly asked whether or not she and Luo Xi are currently dating, Shen Qiang laughs and says that it’s all up to fate. Additionally, reporters add that although Yin Xia Mo had visited Luo Xi on set the day before, he had treated her indifferently and had actually left her by herself in the dressing room after talking to her for less than half an hour! The headlines scream.







Luo Xi sits alone at home, on the phone. His cell phone has been ringing continuously all night and he has been answering the exact same thing to the exact same question.

“… you two aren’t dating?
“That kiss at the bar…”
“We were drunk and just messing around.”
“That’s it?!”
“Then you and Yin Xia Mo have broken up?”
“… no.”

Originally he had thought that the instant she saw the picture, she would immediately call him, demanding an explanation. And so he had made sure to keep his phone by his side for when she called and yet has received nothing but incessant questioning from reporters. In anger, he had thrusted his phone at Jie Ni and told her that even if she calls him, he doesn’t want to talk to her!

But a day passes – and another one – and he finally breaks down and asks Jie Ni if she’s received a call from her yet. When Jie Ni only embarrassedly shakes her head, he feels his heart sinking into a black hole.

Is she that confident that he won’t like someone else? Is this her supposed trust? No matter what the newspapers write, she’ll still remain unmoving?

Or is it… that she no longer cares about him…

And so he has allowed the reporters to write whatever headlines they want about him and Shen Qiang. Knowing that she is unaffected and coolly calm but even if there is a real possibility that he has someone else, that he would possibly leave her…

Can she still remain unaffected and calm?

But perhaps it is like what Zhen En said on her behalf – that it is none of her business.

None of her business…

No matter if it is five years ago or five years later. No matter how hard he works to make her like him, no matter how close he is to happiness, she can still so casually and easily leave him. He was wrong from the start. He shouldn’t have fallen in love with her, shouldn’t have allowed her to take the most important place in his life. If he hadn’t had fallen in love with her, then perhaps he could just turn away and leave, date Shen Qiang or whomever else he wished.

However, he can’t stand to see the words “break up,” afraid that this will be their curse.

The phone rings again.

“… no. Xi Mo and I have not broken up.”


“Sister, are you and Brother Luo Xi… still okay?”
“I told you, I just want you to take care of yourself right now. Don’t worry about other stuff.”

Xiao Cheng is worried about Xia Mo though. These past few days, she has become like a stranger to him, talking to him politely and without emotion. Although she is here at his side, it is as if she is far, far away from him.

“Sister… do you know… I’m really scared…”
“Don’t be scared; you’ll get better.”
“… scared that you’ll stay mad at me… Sister, I know you’re mad at me. Because I kept it a secret from you… so you’re mad… so you won’t talk to me… and won’t share anything with me…”
“You didn’t want me to worry, so didn’t tell me. Then if I don’t want you to worry, shouldn’t I not tell you anything either?”
“Don’t you realize… how cruel that is? I’ve always thought that you were getting better, and then suddenly I realized that it wasn’t true… what should I do… what do you… want me to do…”
“I’m sorry! I thought I would get better, I thought I would get better without you knowing first…”
“Xiao Cheng, don’t you know? I get scared too. I’m scared, that it’s just going to be me in this world. Mom’s gone now; it’s just you and me. I only have you as my relative. Compared to my life, compared to everything I have – you are the most important. If I could exchange anything for your health, no matter what I have to give up, even if I have to go to Hell for it, I would be willing to do so…”
“Sister, I’m sorry…”
“You are my life, don’t you know? If you were to live me one day and I wasn’t even able to take care of you… what do you think will happen to me? That I would think you are the world’s best little brother because I didn’t have to worry about you…? Or, do you wish for me to go with you…?”

Ever since childhood, Xiao Cheng has never seen Xia Mo so forlorn. She is like a sturdy tree; no matter how strong the winds are, she will never bow down.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! It’s all my fault… I was scared that you would worry… scared that you would be sad… Everything you’ve ever done has been for me… But yet I burden you… Sister… I want you to live happily just like other girls, laughing and crying as you please… Sometimes, I really envy Sister Zhen En… why can she laugh so happily when my own sister cannot…”
“Silly. All I need is you and I’ll be very happy…”
“I want Sister to be the world’s happiest woman, not just someone who has a little brother but also a love and an enjoyable career… That way… If I leave one day… Sister will still continue to live happily afterward…”

After a shared bonding session between Xia Mo and Xiao Cheng in which the two each try to take the blame, Xia Mo tells him to remain optimistic; they will find a suitable donor for him.

“Sister, what’s going on with you and Brother Luo Xi?”
“I… don’t know…”

She hasn’t seen the newspapers in a few days and so doesn’t even know what is going on right now, and whether or not Luo Xi’s rumored romance with Shen Qiang is true or false. However, she doesn’t know whether Xiao Cheng’s illness has made her unable to worry about anything else or if she herself really doesn’t mind so much.

“You haven’t seen Brother Luo Xi?”
“Have you talked on the phone?”
“Sister… Call Luo Xi, okay? At least let him personally explain to you what’s going on…”

Yes… she should call Luo Xi…

However, as she reaches to press the power button of her cell phone, she suddenly feels conflicted…


Sprawled on the couch of his home, Luo Xi stares mindlessly at his cell phone, as if willing it to ring on its own. He’s already been waiting a really, really long time, such a long time that he feels as if he is becoming a statue…

What if she really misunderstood… So that’s why she’s waiting so long to call him… perhaps as he is waiting for her to call him, she is waiting for him to call her…

Even though her personality isn’t really one to suspect or wait for others…

But yet… there is that tiny possibility. Perhaps she does not really not care about him.

Making up his mind, Luo Xi punches in Xia Mo’s number…


Xiao Cheng’s IV drip is getting low! Right before Xia Mo can press the power button on her phone -

“I’m calling the nurse.”
“Sister, call Brother Luo Xi…”
“I’ll call when I get back.”

Perhaps… she really doesn’t want to make that call…

She just wants to find a suitable donor for Xiao Cheng so he’ll be healthy again… For this, she is even willing to sell her soul to the Devil…


Three days later.

“We’ve found a suitable donor but that person hasn’t decided on whether or not to donate a kidney to Xiao Cheng yet…”
“I’ll go find him, I’ll beg him!” Xia Mo can’t breathe – no matter what, she cannot let go of this opportunity! ”What is his contact information?”

“His name is Ou Chen.”

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Novel - Summer's Desire Volume 2 Chapter 12

Chapter 12

News is buzzing now about Yin Xia Mo and Luo Xi’s alleged breakup, and reporters hover around the set for Tian Xia Sheng Shi everyday to try to get the latest scoop. Since Shen Qiang is rumored to have close ties with Luo Xi, she is not left out of the spotlight either as the paparazzi clamor to get her opinion on Luo Xi’s personal life. Shen Qiang remains polite and tells them that she is not aware of the circumstances and unfortunately, cannot give them any definite answer. Luo Xi has declined to answer any questions although his outer appearance remains his ever perfect and unflappable calm, and he continues to smile and greet everyone with warmth.

However, Shen Qiang’s gaze never leaves Luo Xi. In the past, whenever he was on the phone with Yin Xia Mo, his voice would become incredibly warm and intimate, chuckling softly and smiling at whatever was being said on the other line. But now, Luo Xi has thrown himself completely into work and his cell phone sits tucked away somewhere, turned off.

Have they broken up…? The more pain he is in, the more beautiful he becomes. The more devastated he becomes, the more he acts like he doesn’t care. Luo Xi… is really just like a child sometimes…

The reporters excitedly ask for a picture of the leading actors together. Stand closer to one another! Be more intimate, please!

As Luo Xi lightly wraps his arms around Shen Qiang, she feels herself becoming heady from his surrounding warmth. However, the expressions of shock on the surrounding reporters and filming crew has them pausing and Luo Xi also turns his head towards their focus. Shen Qiang tries to do the same but is stilled by the sudden tense grip of Luo Xi’s hand. Seeing the cool expression on his face, Shen Qiang thinks of the recent news…

Is it… her?

Looking perfect and beautiful with a rosy smile on her lips, Xia Mo walks in with none of the typical Prima Donna attitude that most stars possess. Neither does she seem to be at all jealous of the intimate pose that Luo Xi and Shen Qiang are currently in, which actually surprises Shen Qiang.

Luo Xi has not said anything, his gaze only on Xia Mo, the expression in his eyes fathomless. Everyone is aware of his relationship with Yin Xia Mo, and even more aware of the rumored breakup and they all wait in tense silence to see what his reaction will be at Yin Xia Mo’s arrival.

Xia Mo acts as if nothing is out of the ordinary, holding out a bag of fruit and a big container of sushi. Jie Ni rushes to her side in excitement, asking if she is here to visit the set, to which Xia Mo smiles in kind and nods her head. As the sushi is distributed out, the filming crew are in awe at how meticulously made each piece is and the previous tension fades away. Although Shen Qiang does not know what Yin Xia Mo’s motives are for coming, this simple act makes Shen Qiang believe that Yin Xia Mo is trying to fix the relationship.

The reporters clamor around Xia Mo now and eagerly ask her if she has seen the recent news; has she and Luo Xi really separated?? Xia Mo laughs lightly; you mean people actually believe the gossip that is going around right now? Hesitation momentarily seizes them but then a reporter asks whether or not Luo Xi specifically believes the gossip. At this time, Luo Xi walks up to Xia Mo, placing an arm around her and a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Does it look like we’ve broken up?”

The reporters are mildly confused. While it is true that Yin Xia Mo wouldn’t visit the set if they were separated, the feeling between them also doesn’t seem quite right…

“Please help us clarify the matter in the news tomorrow; we are very well.”


In Luo Xi’s private room, Xia Mo sees the newspaper with the picture of her and Ou Chen at the hospital. Picking it up, her gaze rests on it for a few seconds before laughing lightly and turning to Luo Xi.

“Is this why you haven’t been picking up my calls?”
“Why are you here?”
Xia Mo momentarily freezes at the harshness in his voice and then tries to put up a brave front. “Someone randomly decided to play MIA and so I’m here to see if he’s still on this planet.” Silence. “The fruit is all washed, so you can just eat it straight out of the bag. I made the sushi myself but might have made too much. If you can’t finish it all today, then just throw it out tomorrow.”

Luo Xi does not reach for the box of sushi until it is placed directly in front of him. Under Xia Mo’s direct gaze, Luo Xi only then opens the box to find about twenty pieces of sushi, all different and painstakingly created. Saying nothing, Luo Xi only stares at this offering. Slightly nervous now, Xia Mo hesitatingly asks him if he doesn’t like them.

“You know what, Xia Mo? Sometimes I really worry about the day when you will be especially good to me. Someone once gave me a really big, really delicious ice cream cone but after I finished eating it, she was gone. It seems like every time I reach the highest point of my happiness, it is only the beginning of heartbreak.” Pause. “If I eat all this sushi, will you disappear too?”
Hugging Luo Xi close to her, Xia Mo whispers fervently, “No, no, I won’t disappear.”
“Really?” Luo Xi pushes Xia Mo away. “But, I no longer trust you.”
“Is it because of the newspapers? So you’ve been refusing to pick up any of my calls these past few days?”

Luo Xi says nothing, only stares back coolly at her. The pain in Xia Mo’s heart increases. Even when An Hui Ni was so ruthlessly attacking her, Xia Mo has never felt this cold and hopeless.

“You said you would believe in me.”
“Yes, I did say that. But what have you given me in return?”
“I didn’t lie to you.”
“No, you didn’t lie to me. But you chose to purposely mislead me… When I asked if you had gone to see Ou Chen, you only said that you hadn’t agreed to some kind of a bargain with him, that you hadn’t promised him anything…”
“It’s the truth.”
“But I asked you whether or not you had gone to see him…”
“Is there a difference? What bothers you? If you mind that I saw Ou Chen, that is a rather difficult thing to not do considering that I work for Ou Hua Corporations! If you mind whether or not I agreed to some condition for your series, I will again say it now – no!”
“So… you did see him.”
“… Yes.”
“Did you seek him out or did he do it?”
“… I sought him.”
“Didn’t I tell you not to? In fact, even earlier, didn’t I ask you to not see or talk to him, regardless of the reason? And what did you promise me? You said you wouldn’t see him. You said you wouldn’t talk to him. You said that even if he saw you, you would ignore him.”
“The only reason I went to see him was -”
“I don’t want to hear it! You’re always so full of excuses!”
“Because I don’t want our past relationship to hurt you! That has ended!”
“Ended… Is that what you call your expression as you guarded over his sickly self in the hospital?! How do you expect me to believe you? You promised me you wouldn’t find him and yet you did it anyway. And then when you did see him, you purposely avoided my question when I specifically asked you. You keep saying you want nothing to do with him and yet you agreed to take on Golden Dance! Maybe you did it for yourself… Didn’t you once say that there is no love in your heart, only the desire to succeed? That to succeed, you will do anything your power. So now you’ve decided to sacrifice me for this chance?”
“Is that what you really think of me?!”

Seeing the ashen and pained look on Xia Mo’s face, Luo Xi feels his own heart break! No, that’s not what he really thinks of her; he never honestly suspected her! If she is really trying to be opportunistic, then she should just break up with him and not stand here trying to exclaim herself. Given her personality, if she really didn’t care about him, then she wouldn’t repeatedly call him, and even after being ignored by him, she wouldn’t have come to visit the set.

But that picture of them together… with Xia Mo looking so gently down upon Ou Chen… It has created a fear and paranoia within himself, a black hole in his heart…

Knock knock! “Luo Xi, your scene is up next. The director wants you to start prepping.”

Glancing back at Xia Mo, it seems that Luo Xi wants to say something but then chooses not to say anything at all. Leaving her standing there with pain building in her heart, Luo Xi walks out of the room, closing the door solidly behind him.


When Xia Mo later returns home that night, she takes a moment to compose herself and forces a bright smile on her face. However, when she opens the door, Xiao Cheng is not waiting for her with dinner made as is customary, and the house is consumed in darkness. Alarmed, Xia Mo instantly rushes into his bedroom and upon turning on the light, finds a pale and ashen Xiao Cheng lying motionless on the bed.

Hearing Xia Mo frantically calling his name, Xiao Cheng weakly opens his eyes and smiles back at his sister. As if in still caught in a dream, Xiao Cheng tries to blink the sleepiness out of his eyes but his gaze seems to remain slightly unfocused.

Realizing that Xiao Cheng is running a high fever, Xia Mo is determined to take him to the hospital, although he assures her that he just needs to rest for a little while. Changing the subject, Xiao Cheng implores his older sister to make him some chicken wings – they were so good the last time she made them… he’ll be fine…

Xia Mo tells Xiao Cheng that she’ll make him some congee instead and after he’s done eating, she’s taking him immediately to see the doctor. She rushes out of the bedroom and shakily closes the door. Suddenly, Luo Xi’s coldness and harshness no longer seems so important anymore; she just wants Xiao Cheng to get better! She just wants Xiao Cheng to live happily!

Xiao Cheng… will be okay…


The crew of Tian Xia Sheng Shi have convened at Pao Mo Bar to celebrate a successful day of filming. They are doubly excited because both Luo Xi and Shen Qiang have decided to join them for happy hour and so they are basking in being in the presence of such star power in a public venue. And in fact, Luo Xi is especially nice in person, without any of the usual star arrogance!

Sitting amidst the rambunctious and loud bar, there is not a single thing that actually enters Luo Xi’s awareness, only years of training that enables him to successfully handle such social situations. There is a girl singing on stage right now. She looks very familiar to him but yet he cannot think of where he has seen her before.

Gazing intently at the girl, she slowly becomes another person…

A light smile and soft expression, white skin and ink black long hair, just like a beautiful little mermaid… She gazes intently back at him while singing…

“If I beg with tears in my eyes
If I pretend that I don’t know you love her
If I kneel before you and plead
Would you stay for me”

The moment of hearing her footsteps that year under the cherry blossom tree… perhaps his life was fated then.

He… has no way of ever achieving happiness. Ever since Mom abandoned him that day.

There is a black hole in his heart; some things have already been completely scraped away. Somehow along the way, he has become accustomed to smiling in front of strangers. A smile on his lips and yet a cold, black hole in his heart. During the night he continuously calls out midst laughter; Mom, look now; you gave up the incredibly perfect me.

Do you… regret it?

The sixteen year old Luo Xi sitting by himself in the backyard of the Yin family under that cherry blossom tree… hoping against hope that his mom now painfully regrets giving him up… Suddenly hearing the light footsteps and looking up in wonder! Mom has returned to find him!

And then seeing the fifteen year old her -

Thinking back on it now, his feelings for her seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. She simply entered his heart, leaving a mark on him that could not be erased. She was able to see into his soul and yet she gave him no thought or concern. Only when he accidentally hurt Xiao Cheng’s feelings did she say anything at all to him, quickly acting like a Mother Hen and warning him off. In her heart, no one can ever compare to Xiao Cheng’s place. Sometimes he has even though that her main purpose to living was simply for Xiao Cheng.

And then, she slowly came to accept him, came to accept him as part of the family. When there was fast no more warmth in his life, she gave it completely to him.

Perhaps she had thought she was doing him a favor by sending him to study abroad in England; however, she has no idea how much he had hated her then! How dare she send him away simply to protect her dad’s job and allow Xiao Cheng and everyone else to live worry-free?! She didn’t even hesitate on that day.

He had thought it was hatred that made her unforgettable to him while he was living in England. Until one day his wallet was stolen – his wallet containing the one picture of her – and he gave chase like a madman down several streets just to get that picture back. Only then he understood, that mixed within that hate was a much more complicated feeling…

The girl on the stage continues to sing, her silhouette becoming fuzzy as she sways back and forth. Luo Xi gazes intently at her, his eyes black as night.

Five years later, he meets her again, even more unreachable than before. Perhaps at the beginning he got closer to her for revenge but then he overestimated himself. Because the closer he got to her, the more he started to love her. Even before she had fallen for him, he had already completely drowned. Even though it seems like she has slowly learned to like him, her eyes continue to carry a faraway expression in them, as if one day she will eventually leave him.

Although the picture of her and Ou Chen has caused him immense pain, he actually does trust her more than he has let on. If she was really trying to leave him, she wouldn’t visit him on set to explain herself and wouldn’t be trying to so hard to make him happy. He understands – and already regrets being so rash and saying such hurtful things to her.

However… he is really scared…

Luo Xi’s mental wandering is broken by the sudden applause for the girl on stage; she has finished her song and now exiting. Sometime ago the other crew members had moved to the dance floor, leaving Shen Qiang next to him.

“Do you know her?”
“No.” Of course it wouldn’t be her.
“I was just making a bet to myself… Betting when you would finally realize… that I’ve made them all leave… and that the only one left by your side is me… just me… But… haha… you’ve just been staring at that girl this entire time… not even noticing me…”
“How much have you’ve had to drink?”
“Drank… a lot… haha… But… I’m just pretending… to be drunk… haha…”
“I’ll take you home.”
“Why can’t you see me… That Yin Xia Mo… how long have you known her? I’ve been at your side this entire time… don’t you know that?” Shen Qiang suddenly throw herself at Luo Xi, tightly hugging onto him. “You never see me, do you? Even just now… you just see that strange girl… and you don’t even see me…”
“Shen Qiang…”
“Why can’t you see me?! I heard you and her talking this afternoon! Haha, haha, I purposely eavesdropped on you! Break up with her… If she hurts you so much… if she doesn’t make you happy…”
“We’re not going to break up.”
“Why?! I met you first! I liked you first! I told you a long time ago… Did you think I was just joking…?”
“So what?! The amount of time you know someone and whether or not you have feelings for them are two completely different issues!”

That has always been the thorn in his heart. He suddenly realizes why he is so afraid, why he said such hurtful things to Xia Mo today…

It’s not that he doesn’t believe her. It’s that the person she knew first… was Ou Chen. Before he had even met her, she had already belonged to Ou Chen.

Does she really have no more feelings for Ou Chen? He still remembers five years ago how coy she was with him under the cherry blossom tree and the expression on her face as she gazed up at him… Doesn’t she realize how similar her expression in that hospital picture is to that same scene?

But he realizes it and so has become so frightened that he can no longer breathe properly…

“Yin Xia Mo’s feelings for you can’t even compare to a tenth of mine!”
“Get away!”
“Do you want me to prove it to you?”

Luo Xi coldly rejects Shen Qiang’s offer – and she grabs the back of his head, forcefully pulling him towards her as she kisses him passionately. Luo Xi angrily pushes her aside; not only is he livid at the forced intimacy but worries about being caught by the paparazzi and then having Xia Mo see the picture…

“That is my proof. Are you worried about the reporters? I’m not! I don’t care what or how they choose to write, even if they decide to call me slutty and shameless for chasing after you! For you, I can give up anything! Can she?! It’s always been you helping her, you sticking up for her! What has she done for you?! She’ll only step on you to get what she wants. The most she’ll do is visit you on set and give you some food, but she won’t come out and publicly announce that she will have nothing to do with Golden Dance, the series that is purposely competing with yours!”

Luo Xi becomes more and more pale as he listens to Shen Qiang. Seeing the sudden indecision and pain on Luo Xi’s face, Shen Qiang also hurts with him – and kisses him again…


Xia Mo sits quietly in the patient room, having ignored Xiao Cheng’s protests and taken him directly to the hospital. After working with the many doctors, and running several tests, they have all informed Xia Mo that Xiao Cheng will need to stay in the hospital for further care.

Seeing the pale and weakened Xiao Cheng laying on the hospital bed and yet trying to maintain a cheerful demeanor for her, Xia Mo’s heart catches in her throat. Looking at him now, she realizes that Xiao Cheng has gotten thinner, his face so pale that it almost seems translucent. But his appetite hasn’t decreased these past few days and so she had thought that he was just as healthy as before if not more…

Was she wrong? Has she forgotten to do something for him?

“Sis, you know that doctors react hugely to small things. I just had a small fever a few days ago but my health is really good. I can live to be eighty, no problem. Don’t worry, Sis, it’s going to be fine.”

Xia Mo has already decided to stay at the hospital with Xiao Cheng, having turned down her scheduled shoots. When she had initially called Zhen En, the latter had instantly freaked out and started yelling; however, after realizing what had happened with Xiao Cheng, Zhen En had told Xia Mo not to worry and that no matter what, she will handle everything for her!

Holding his hand, Xia Mo tells Xiao Cheng to not worry as she has already cancelled her shoots for the next three days. As Xia Mo gently covers Xiao Cheng with the blanket, he tries to convince his sister otherwise but seeing the expression on her face, he decides to let it go.


Xiao Cheng is fast asleep while Xia Mo sits quietly at his side. She knows something must have happened. Otherwise, Xiao Cheng wouldn’t be trying so hard to hide the truth from her and the doctors wouldn’t have such a serious expression…

God cannot be so cruel. He has never given Xiao Cheng anything; how can he harm him again?

No… Closing her eyes tightly, her chest feeling as if a thousand rocks have been stacked against her, Xia Mo can’t even breathe…

Novel - Summer's Desire Volume 2 Chapter 11

Chapter 11
News has leaked out that the young heir to Ou Hua Corporations, Ou Chen, has been sent to the hospital, suffering from severe stomach pains! However, while at the hospital, Ou Chen suddenly changes his mind about Luo Xi’s contract, retracting his previous decisions and claiming that Ou Hua Corporations is actually very pleased with Luo Xi’s peformance. The board of the company is immensely relieved as they had feared losing their financial contributors and suffering from their own economic loss.

On the other hand, Luo Xi is wary of what Ou Chen is planning and still bitter on how high-handed this Young Master thinks he is to interfere with someone else’s life. Although Jie Ni and Luo Xi’s other assistants are celebrating over this latest development, he broods in silence.

If Ou Chen loses Luo Xi’s participation and his legions of fans, how will Ou Hua Corporations handle the consequences? He wants to see who will really suffer from Ou Chen’s decisions!

The others are horrified that Luo Xi is contemplating refusing to go back to filming. While they understand Luo Xi’s reticence towards Ou Hua Corporations, they fear what would happen as retribution should Ou Chen decided to retaliate. Luo Xi cannot afford to get on Ou Hua Corporations’ bad side!

“I’ll return on one condition. That Ou Chen holds a press conference and publicly apologizes!”

There is no possible way that Young Master would consent to such a demand, Xi Meng thinks as he relates the latest news to Ou Chen. Young Master despises being in the public eye and then to issue a formal apology to a mere entertainer? Impossible. However, Xi Meng is surprised when Ou Chen not only takes the report calmly but smiles.

“I’ll do it.”


The day of the press conference, reporters are all gathered around to catch the moment. Ou Chen is calmly waiting at the front of the room when Luo Xi strolls in casually. Catching sight of Ou Chen, Luo Xi smiles his trademark smile and starts walking towards him. Ou Chen returns his demeanor in kind.

Ou Chen issues a formal statement that Ou Hua Corporations is very pleased with Luo Xi and that filming will resume immediately. At the reporters’ insistence, the two men firmly shake each other’s hands. Luo Xi smiles cheekily at Ou Chen, who coolly returns the smile.

The next day of filming, Luo Xi is riding high and in a great mood; everything is going perfectly for him right now. However, as he is strolling through the set, occupied with typing on his cell phone, Luo Xi freezes as he happens to glance up.

Ou Chen smiles back at Luo Xi but the smile does not reach his eyes. This time, Luo Xi’s expression remains impassive.

“What are you doing here?”
“I’m visiting the set, of course.”

Luo Xi regards him with mild suspicion. And then smiles. Ou Chen does not offer any more and neither does Luo Xi ask for more details. However, when Ou Chen turns to leave, Luo Xi’s arrogant statement stops him in his tracks.

“Last night’s press conference must have been hard for you; I’m sure it was the very first time you ever had to publicly announce in front of other people.”
“I believe you’ve misunderstood the situation.”
“Oh really?”
“Your participation to the series is meaningless. To Ou Hua Corporations, you are meaningless. To me… you are even more meaningless.”
“So even such a meaningless person as myself could cause the great Young Master Ou Chen to give up his self-respect and apologize to the public world? Now this is surprising.”
“You think I did it for you? I’m only upholding my end of an agreement. Someone came to me to ask a favor, and so now I’m just following through.”
“What are you talking about? What agreement??”

You and are I are of two worlds now… So we can’t go back…

Is that really so? Ou Chen seethes – so she and Luo Xi are of the same world then? So they can be together because they are the same kind of person? Sometimes too similar people are more prone to distrust though because they cannot believe in anyone else besides themselves. Let’s just see how deep their mutual trust really is!

Ou Chen smiles innocently. “I’m only visiting the set today to make sure that my end of the bargain is kept. Good bye.”

And Luo Xi is left standing there, frozen, watching Ou Chen walk smugly away. Remembering that picture he saw while in Japan… the one of Xia Mo carefully tying the green scarf around Ou Chen’s wrist, the two looking so much like a couple in love.


Xia Mo is busy working in the kitchen that night, while Xiao Cheng watches over her. Xiao Cheng muses that he is usually the one who makes the dinner, and Xia Mo comments that she wanted to do it herself today. Xiao Cheng nods his head knowingly – Brother Luo Xi must be coming over tonight then. Xia Mo smiles in response and then asks Xiao Cheng if he likes Luo Xi; she’ll only be with someone who meets with his approval too.

Although Xiao Cheng is a little jealous that someone else is able to obtain his beloved sister’s affections, his feelings are mitigated by the fact that at least it is the brother whom Xiao Cheng has always admired. Additionally, if it is someone whom Xia Mo cares for, then Xiao Cheng will also find a way to accept him too.

While setting the table, Xia Mo notices how much weight Xiao Cheng seems to have lost of late; has he been visiting his doctor and taking his medicine regularly?? Xiao Cheng brushes off Xia Mo’s concerns and assures her that he is feeling fine and yes, he is still seeing the doctor. Much to Xiao Cheng’s chagrin, Xia Mo decides that she will accompany him to his next doctor appointment and he is saved from arguing with her by the sound of the doorbell.

As the three settle down, Xia Mo eagerly places a chicken wing – her main dish – into both Xiao Cheng and Luo Xi’s bowls. Xiao Cheng receives his sister’s offering with enthusiasm and although Luo Xi smiles at her, his eyes convey a completely different message. Halfway through dinner or so, Xia Mo realizes that Luo Xi only eats his white rice while the chicken wing remains untouched the entire time. Trying to draw him into conversation, Xia Mo asks him how filming is going and Luo Xi responds with half-hearted answers.

The uneaten chicken wing continues to sit in his bowl.

Oblivious to the tension between the two, Xiao Cheng excuses himself to give them some alone time. When Xia Mo and Luo Xi quietly finish their dinner, she clears away the dishes, noting the untouched chicken wing in his bowl and the plentiful leftovers.

“Is something bothering you?”
“Luo Xi…”
“Have you cleaned everything away?”
“Yes. Did the director criticize you during filming today? You seem put out.”
“Were you stuck in bad traffic coming over?”
“Was the dinner awful?”
“It was very good.”
“If you don’t want to say, then I won’t force you. But I ask of you, if you don’t want to talk about something in the future, then try not to let other people know that you’re upset. Considering your acting skills, it shouldn’t be that hard for you.”

Luo Xi freezes. Yes, he doesn’t want to tell her what Ou Chen said to him as he clearly knows that this is Ou Chen’s way of undermining his relationship with Xia Mo. And yet, he is filled with fear and uncertainty as he remembers that Xia Mo once said to him that if the situation was because of her, she would take care of it for Luo Xi. He wants to demand of her, did she agree to some kind of a bargain with Ou Chen? If so, what did she promise him?? Did she seek out Ou Chen on her own?

“Ou Chen came to visit the set today… he told me the reason for why he requested me to return again… Do you know what that reason is?”
“What reason?”
“You mean you don’t know?”
“What are you talking about?”
“It was an exchange. Because you agreed to his condition and so he is upholding his end of the bargain. What I want to know is… what did you agree to? Did you go find him? You did, didn’t you?! You begged him, didn’t you?!”

Xia Mo clearly explains to Luo Xi that she did agree to any bargain with Ou Chen; however, neither does she tell him that she had sought out Ou Chen. Calmly talking to Luo Xi, Xia Mo says that this way works the most in favor of Ou Chen. He gets Luo Xi back in his series, Ou Hua Corporations will greatly benefit financially and at the same time, he can sow discord between Luo Xi and Xia Mo. What does Luo Xi think she agreed to? Sleep with Ou Chen? Get back together with him? If Luo Xi did have to leave the series, she highly doubts that it would have destroyed his career!

“You’re… not lying to me?”

Frustrated beyond belief, Xia Mo turns to leave but then is stopped by Luo Xi’s cool grip on her hand. Hugging her from behind, Luo Xi whispers in a cracked voice.

“I believe you.”
“Luo Xi, you and I live in a world that is constantly surrounded by whispers and gossip. If we can’t trust in one another, then the obvious consequence will be us breaking up.”
“I will learn to believe you.”


Xia Mo had thought that things would calm down after that day. However, as she is leaving the recording studio to meet up with Zhen En, who has come to pick her up, Zhen En’s frantic expression confuses her. Did she know already??

“Luo Xi has quit the series!”

The newspaper blaring the headlines is currently gripped in Zhen En’s hands; she couldn’t believe her eyes when she first saw it! Didn’t Ou Hua Corporations already issue a formal apology to Luo Xi and didn’t Luo Xi accept it? How can Luo Xi offend such a huge corporation? What is going on here? Taking the newspaper from Zhen En, Xia Mo quickly scans the article but nowhere does Luo Xi give a direct answer for his decision, only that Ou Hua Corporations should clearly understand why.

So like a child… that he would actually make such a choice…

Luo Xi smiles winningly in the picture and Xia Mo instinctively pulls out her phone and starts punching in his number – but then changes her mind. What is the point when Luo Xi has already obviously made such a drastic decision? There is no way to go back now.

“If it makes him happy to do so, then this is his choice.”

Following Luo Xi’s decision to withdraw from Ou Hua Corporations’ series, Xing Dian Talent Agency’s head honcho, Boss Xia, publicly announces that they will be moving forward with their own series, Tian Xia Sheng Shi with Luo Xi as their male lead! The script has been completed for some time now and they were only waiting for Luo Xi’s schedule to clear up. Boss Xia believes that Luo Xi must have his own personal reasons for withdrawing from Ou Hua Corporations and affirms that Tian Xia Sheng Shi will be a huge success. Additionally, the female lead will be none other than – Shen Qiang!


Xi Meng discusses with Ou Chen that the probability of them getting Luo Xi back is highly unlikely now. However, since Luo Xi broke contract first, they can request financial payment on his end although considering how much Luo Xi is worth these days, the sum would essentially be pennies for him.

“Take the amount out of my personal account to pay the company back. You can handle all the logistics.”
“Young Master!”

Xi Meng is shocked although he knows better than to continue to argue with Ou Chen. The entire situation seems to have been a personal vendetta for Young Master although he continues to remain clear and level-headed in terms of other business matters, and so his position of authority has not been adversely affected. Xi Meng reminds Ou Chen that they will also need to start finding someone else to replace Luo Xi; however, since the series was specifically scripted for him, that may be rather difficult.

Reporters have been waiting with abated breath to see the formal reaction of Ou Hua Corporations since Luo Xi has unceremoniously backed out of his contract with them. Since Ou Hua Corporations is such an influential and powerful company, people are expecting a huge lawsuit to occur with months of media folly to keep them occupied. Therefore, they are stunned when Ou Hua Corporations not only excuses Luo Xi’s actions and also declines to seek any financial compensation. Additionally, they plan to cancel the filming of the series.

Luo Xi becomes occupied with filming for Tian Xia Sheng Shi and barely has any time to see Xia Mo. In fact, they are lucky if they are able to exchange a few words on the phone. It is during this time that Xia Mo realizes how much she has come to truly care about Luo Xi. She who used to go out of her way to not care about other people’s business now finds herself unable to NOT care about anything that has to do with Luo Xi.

After announcing the cancellation of Luo Xi’s series, Ou Hua Corporations suddenly announces that they will begin immediately filming a new series, Golden Dance. In fact, this series will not only utilize the same director as before but will also be even grander. According to the filming schedules, Golden Dance will be released at the exact same time as Tian Xia Sheng Shi. It is obvious that although Ou Hua Corporations took Luo Xi’s departure very gracefully, the release of Golden Dance is clearly meant to rival his new series.

Because Golden Dance will be focused on a strong female character, many agencies are pushing their female stars for the role, hoping to be able to gain an audition into the elusive Ou Hua Corporations. However, Ou Hua Corporations does not even hold any auditions before announcing who that lead will be – Yin Xia Mo!

Although Yin Xia Mo did receive the Best Newcomer Award and did surprisingly well in Innocent Love Song, her star power comes nowhere close to Luo Xi’s allure. However, since Yin Xia Mo is Ou Hua Corporations’ star, it only makes sense that they would be promoting her right now. Additionally, her well-known relationship with Luo Xi gives her an edge that no other female star would have as fans will at least want to watch her out of initial curiosity. In fact, this is actually a smart move on Ou Hua Corporations’ part.

At this time though, a hospital employee accidentally lets it slip that on the night Ou Chen was delivered to the hospital for stomach pains, it was Luo Xi’s girlfriend, Yin Xia Mo who brought him! And in fact, a fan had been nearby and taken a picture of the two – a picture that showed Ou Chen laying on the bed with a deeply concerned Yin Xia Mo guarding over him.

No wonder – !

How can Yin Xia Mo do such a thing to the Luo Xi who once helped her, just to get the lead role of Golden Dance? That kind of a woman… Headlines of newspaper are now running – YIN XIA MO GIVES UP LUO XI FOR ANOTHER! LUO XI AND YIN XIA MO OFFICIALLY SEPARATED! YIN XIA MO USES SEDUCTION TO WIN GOLDEN DANCE’S LEAD ROLE!


The cell phone continues to ring, showing “Xia Mo” repeatedly on the screen. Luo Xi stares fixedly at that name as it continues to flash on his phone. Not long after the phone becomes silent, it rings again and again flashes the same name!

Luo Xi reaches out hesitantly to pick it up – but then stops himself, his mind replaying that picture of Ou Chen lying motionlessly on the bed, while a seemingly distressed Xia Mo hovers anxiously over him…

She… lied to him… She may not have agreed to a bargain with Ou Chen but she still went to find him! She sure knows how to play word games! He wanted to believe her and yet she still chose to lie to him…

Suddenly laughing crazily, his eyes filled with harsh coldness, Luo Xi rips out the battery to his cell phone and hurls it angrily at the wall!